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Testimonials — Pleasanton Community 

Nowadays, it is hard to find a “politician” who is fair, honest, sincere, and truly believes he can support and make life better for his people. Well, Steve Maher is that guy who truly loves PUSD and who truly continues to make improvements for students, teachers, and parents. Steve is the perfect candidate for Pleasanton schools!

Terry Ludlow

Steve was a well-respected and well-loved principal at Hart Middle School, and we loved him as our interim principal at Walnut Grove. I believe his experience gives him a wider perspective of our school community. I also trust that he will have the children’s best interest at heart.

Khim Yang

He is an awesome human being who genuinely cares for the well-being of children. He has helped my daughter with the most difficult phase of her life, and I am always grateful for him. He can help so many kids because he has a huge heart.

Lakshmi Bangalore

I became acquainted with Steve when he was the principal at Hart Middle School. I really appreciated Steve’s no-nonsense leadership and management abilities. Steve combined clear and direct communication skills with a common sense approach to provide an outstanding middle school experience.

I also worked with Steve in a volunteer capacity to install a long-jump structure at Hart Middle School. Steve’s energy and enthusiasm to improve the students’experience was inspiring.

Mitch Kaelin

I have no hesitation in endorsing Steve Maher as a Pleasanton School Board Trustee. He has a history of being an excellent trustee, principal, and teacher. He is trustworthy, knows our school system, and knows how to make it even better. He listens to others and knows how to get things done.

Nancy Storch

The Kenney family highly supports Mr. Maher. Both of my kids have experienced his amazing leadership when he was interim principal at Walnut Grove and also Harvest Park. Mr. Maher always listens to concerns, emails and calls back, and has the view of not only a parent, grandparent, teacher, principal, and now board member. We are honored to support you again.

Julie Kenney

During these unprecedented times, we need experience and rationale on the school board. Steve’s years of service at PUSD and demeanor with students and parents is what will move us forward.

Bryan Gillette

Growing up in Pleasanton, educator Mr. Maher was an integral part of our immediate and extended family’s success. As an adult, I have continued to see Mr. Maher’s dedication and compassion to Pleasanton’s students. Mr. Maher is a true Pleasanton gem, and there is no better choice for representation on the Pleasanton School District's Board of Trustees.

Joey McGlinchy

Steve Maher has been a teacher, a principal, and an administrator in Pleasanton schools for many years. He has done an exceptional job in each of these positions. He is also very compassionate. I attended a service for one of his student’s father who had died, and he made a personal visit to the home to give her his support. I cannot say enough about his qualifications and love for his job and students.

Margo Tarver

I am thrilled to provide my highest endorsement for Mr. Maher as a School Board Trustee for the PUSD. I have known Mr. Maher for over 20 years now since I was an elementary school student at Donlon Elementary to today as a practicing pediatrician. In all of these years, he has been an incredible mentor, support, and outstanding advocate for the children he has worked with.

I was lucky enough to get to know Mr. Maher while I was an elementary school student. During this time, Mr. Maher pioneered and advocated for recognition of diversity in schools (through our annual Diversity Day), focused on compassionate interaction with children of all ages, and set the tone for inclusion and integrity at our schools. In spite of being a principal for hundreds of children, he took the time to get to know each of us individually, support us in our endeavors, and help us through challenging times in our lives.

Personally, he has been a major support and guiding light for myself and my family through some of our biggest achievements and struggles — from attending many of my dance recitals, supporting in the creation of a mental health program for PUSD youth, or even encouraging my grandmother to take a role supporting children at the PUSD.

Mr. Maher is a remarkable leader + educator with tremendous compassion. He has been a trailblazer, changemaker, and integral part of the PUSD for years and is truly deserving of this role. I am deeply honored to have a chance to support him for PUSD Board of Trustees.

Priya Shankar

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