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Steve Maher Helps Students Succeed

I have known Steve Maher for over 28 years.

I first met him when I was a coach of the Amador Valley Girls’ Varsity Basketball team. Steve was the head coach of the Livermore team. He showed tremendous honor and sportsmanship in this endeavor. He did a great job of teaching his players the right way to play and compete.

We both had very competitive teams, but that friction on the court never boiled over into “real life.”

Two years later, Amador Valley had gym issues (go figure…). Steve went out of his way to offer his gym to our team (who had beaten his team for the league championship the previous year), so we could work out. He made this offer so our players would have the best chance at success. Another person might have ignored the issue, but Steve stepped in to help.

When Amador Valley had a vacancy in our administration team (hopefully that won’t happen again soon), Steve stepped in to help. This has been a consistent pattern.

At a school board meeting last year, students from our Girls Who Code Club were presenting information about an event that needed funding. Steve came up to me during a transition in the meeting and offered to donate money for the cause. The check was delivered to school that week. When Amador Valley started the year last year with parking lot issues, Steve was there each morning helping smooth the traffic flow.

I have gotten to know him more closely over the years. The quality that never wavered in him is his desire to do whatever it takes to help our children succeed. He is first to offer his time. He doesn’t wait to see which way the wind is blowing. He acts. He acts selflessly and decisively.

I couldn’t support a school board candidate more than I support Steve.

Richard Hanson 
 The Independent, 10/22/20

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